An Excerpt from NEWS & WEATHER TOGETHER by Nathan D’Annibale



At this point in my life; and for no other reason outside of probably repetition; I just kind of had the sense that if this grocery store sold picture frames, that they would most likely be at the side of the store where there are also probably greeting cards and balloons; and maybe toys, but definitely local attraction based casual-ware; and that that area was most likely exactly opposite where there were multi-vitamins, enemas, contact lens solution and pill separators (M, T, W, Th, F, S, S); or, in this case, to my left and the cashier’s right. I’d never been to this grocery store before in my life; but, at the exact same time, I’d been to This one often – when I’d gone to a Walgreen’s in Virginia, or a Safeway in Montana, or a Wal-Mart in Kansas. All of these Types of Places were seemingly designed in much the same way and by probably ten or so of the same people; and built out through not inordinately complex contracting and subcontracting agreements and joint ventures made up of ten or so different companies with the layouts then constructed according to the most cutting edge psychological and spatial design techniques and as instructed by consulting firms specializing in just that type of thing; and who were brought on of course because of previous and similar jobs designing and constructing such layouts, but also because So & So Partner at So & So Firm had gone to school at So & So University with So & So Owner at Commercial Construction Co., USA; and we-can-trust-these-guys! And so over the course of my life my like individual psychology was borne out across a certain demographic; and it was studied and then given back to me through a grocery store sensory experience in which I was always reassuringly greeted upon entry by baked goods, produce and flowers – no matter where I happened to be traveling for business and/or pleasure, har har.


Nathan Thomas D’Annibale is a sometimes corporate accountant living in San Francisco.

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